Our founders

Anouk Pappers and Maarten Schäfer founded CoolBrands in 2002. The company is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and in São Paulo, Brazil.

‘We travel the world, to meet people with a vision and brands with a purpose.
We are on a constant quest for cool stories, stories worth sharing.’
“Our purpose is to get inspired and to inspire others in return.”
“We believe the most important thing is to inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they do.”

Over the years, we have written stories for over 800 brands and people worldwide.
Our core business is storytelling for brands and for people, helping them to improve their online image.

Why do brands need storytelling?

In this time of information overload, people do not want more information… they want a story they can relate to. We create entertaining content which gives the brand the opportunity to engage with their audience without talking about their product.

Why do people need storytelling?

Because in the current reputation economy, people Google you before they decide to connect with you.  To position yourself online in the right way, you have to create content (stories, pictures, video) about your vision, passion and achievements.