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Anouk Pappers – Brand Anthropologist and Inspirational Speaker /

“I help companies and individuals define their story. I travel the world to meet people with a vision and brands with a purpose. I help them create their story, and share the stories with influencers worldwide.” 

Brand Anthropologist

Since 2002, I have been interviewing brands around the world and publishing their stories in CoolBrands books and online at I was traveling the world, listening to brand creators, but also taking the time to immerse myself in different cultures. Hence brand anthropologist.

In recent years, I have noticed that the stories have changed as a growing number of brands told us their story following the triple bottom line; People, Planet, Profit. It takes the issues of sustainability and puts them at the heart of the company. People and planet are integrated in the core business, so profit depends on them. One can’t survive without the other, how perfect is that?



maarten-schacc88fer-coolbrands-inspirational-speaker-keynote-speakerMaarten Schäfer – Story Architect – Author – Inspirational speaker

“I believe brands should connect with their audience by creating meaningful content. Entertaining content that allows the brand to interact with their audience without talking about their product.”

My great-great-great grandfather
In the 17th century, Holland’s Golden Age, Amsterdam was a centre of global trade. In 1645, one of my ancestors boarded a ship, which was bound for Cape Horn. Braving the treacherous currents and strong winds in this area, the ship sailed onward into the unknown, into a blank spot on the map: what would later become known as the Indian Ocean.

On 17 August 1645, the ship finally reached Indonesia, where my ancestor disembarked and began another journey of discovery. He decided to settle on the island of Java where he married a local princess.

Meeting brands with a purpose and people with a vision

I have always loved this story, and like to think I have inherited something of my great-great-great grandfather’s spirit. In any case, he was the one who inspired me to set off to explore the world, experience other cultures and learn new languages.

Since 12 years, I travel the world meeting brand owners and entrepreneurs and help them craft their story. Away from the usual top-down communication towards a horizontal, peer2peer tone of voice. Stories are easy to remember and easy to transmit. In this time of information overload, people do not want more information they want a story they can relate to.